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Overview: all for one
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Hi there! My name’s Tom, founder & CEO of both 3edrock Digital Marketing, and Cyprus Business Group (CBG). Let’s talk about the magical world of marketing and why putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky game. Picture this: you’re trying to build a house with just a hammer. Sure, you might get a few nails in, and a sore thumb, but you’re not building a sturdy, kick-ass mansion with just that one tool. The same goes for marketing – variety is the spice of success.

So, what’s the deal with diversifying your marketing methods? Well, my friend, it’s all about reaching people where they are. It’s like being at a party – some folks are chilling by the snack table (social media), others are having deep conversations in the corner (Google Ads), and a few are mingling with the cool crowd (media outlet advertising). If you’re not working all these angles, you’re missing out on potential connections.

Let’s break it down. Social media is like the neighborhood gossip – word spreads fast, and everyone’s in the loop. But relying solely on organic reach is like hoping your gossip-loving neighbor will tell the whole town about your epic party. It might happen, but why not send out some snazzy invitations (Google Ads) to make sure the whole town knows they’re invited?

Media outlet advertising is your chance to be the headline, not just a mention in someone else’s story. It’s like shouting from the rooftop of your house so the whole neighborhood hears you. Yeah, it’s a bit louder, but sometimes you need that attention.

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And then, there’s growing a brand community. Think of it as building a tribe. These are your ride-or-die fans, the ones who’ll show up to your party no matter what. They spread the word, share the excitement, and make your brand the talk of the town. It’s like having a block party where everyone knows your name.

Now, imagine combining all these elements. Social media is the appetizer, Google Ads are the main course, media outlet advertising is the dessert, and your brand community is the afterparty. That, my friend, is a marketing feast that leaves a lasting impression.

Diversifying your marketing methods isn’t just about being everywhere; it’s about being strategic. It’s about understanding your audience, speaking their language, and showing up in the right places at the right times. So, next time you’re tempted to throw all your efforts into one marketing channel, remember: a well-rounded strategy is the secret sauce to marketing success. Cheers to building your marketing mansion, one method at a time!